Abundant Blessings

Abundant Blessings House of Hope is a safe house for pregnant women. We provide a safe place to live while you await the arrival of your baby. We teach life, business, and child rearing skills. We also offer counseling, information, and resources for the many different adoption options out there.

Who We Are

As you know, being pregnant can be a scary time, especially, if you don’t have support or a place to live. Abundant Blessings provides support and housing, both of which, are critical, during pregnancy.

Part of our support program, includes “animal therapy”. Many different animals that we have here, mostly horses, have been abandoned, abused, or simply given up on. They have found a second chance here, where they have learned to trust; something that many of them have never really known. Sound familiar? These majestic animals love nothing more than to give back by sharing of themselves; going against their natural instincts, to run away. Instead, they choose to trust, and remain. This allows beautiful, life changing relationships to be built. 

Here at Abundant Blessings

We never ask our guests for money. We simply ask that they are truly seeking a way out of the situation that they are in. We are not about temporary fixes, but permeant, lifelong, solutions. 

Whether you choose to keep, and raise your child on your own, or choose one of the many adoption options, we are here to help you move forward, in life. Everyone has a story. We value yours, your confidentiality, and your safety. 

We say, “choose victor, over victim…always”.

For more information or questions about making a donation, please call our office at (805) 635-7444.